About Us

Unique Healing Approach Ltd was founded in the year 2006 and started operating in London Uk, It moved to Kenya in 2011 and became a Kenyan registered and incorporated company in the 2013 but has now expanded to Europe America and Asia. The core aim of the company has always been to promote human health and well-being. The company manufactures supplies and trades in Natural supplements and Micro-nutrients.

We pride ourselves with the highest level of ethics, moral principles and professionalism. Unique Healing Approach Ltd lives up to its name. Our understanding and knowledge in treating human diseases are Unique. Our method and the way we approach the human body are unique. Our supplements are selected and prepared due to their safety, individual potency, efficacy and relevance in the assistance and supporting of the body systems heal themselves and fight against the harmful pathogens and toxins that accumulate in the body

Our remedies have Unique Proportional Structure and Extremely Sophisticated Formulation which is the very reason their safety and effectiveness are superior to the rest.

The company has supply offices in America, Canada, United Kingdom, many parts of Africa and Asia. However the opening of new offices is underway in many countries including Australia, India and Emirates. Delivery to any corner of the world is only 3-5 working days.