Our Research

Dr Abdulrazak has extensively researched on and studied medicinal plants in great length both before and after his studies in the Institute of Natural Healing, he has compiled the sources of the most nutritious, most potent and the safest natural herbs in the world. He has over 30 years of experience in Human Health. He has seriously self-studied, observed, analyzed and tirelessly researched on human diseases in such a way that NO one has ever done before, he conducted a clean, honest, professional, independent, deep-digging investigative research which was so free from other influences and interferences. 

He mainly focused on:

    - The past and current global outlook of human health

    - The differences and similarities of diseases

    - Similarities and differences of the signs and symptoms of ailments?

    - The globally believed causative agents

    - The national, continental and global misdiagnosed cases  

    - What causes diseases to relapse/recur after treatments

    - The evidences currently used in determining what causes a disease

    - What causes diseases to become stubborn or incurable.

    - The testing methods, procedures and testing tools currently used.

After a period of over 30 years of extreme endeavor in trying to find out as to why diseases are not successfully cured, he has made the biggest medical break-through in human history. 

He discovered that indeed the following areas of medical science are completely misunderstood. 

    - The true causes of diseases

    - The effects of diseases on human body

    - The functions and inter-relations of the body systems

    - The effective and most appropriate approach of healing the body or assisting it heal itself.

Diktoor Abdulrazak discovered the following:

1. In every continent, every country, every city and village in the planet, almost all diseases are not successfully cured…PURE FACT1

2. What are believed to be 300 different diseases are in fact symptoms of an underlying set of causative agents.

3. These causative agents come to the body from outside and can also born from within.

4. These disease-causing agents join the blood which transports them to and feeds them into every cell of the entire body.

5. Because of the holistic nature of the circulation of blood, there can be no single spot of body, internally and externally that can escape from these causative agents arriving with the blood.

6. Therefore, no matter which organ or part a patient complains about, and no matter what symptom or sign the body manifests, the true illnesses is holistically sitting in every cell and tissue of the body.

To that end, having a crystal clear understanding and unique knowledge in human diseases, their true causes, the correct functions of the body and the best approach to destroy pathogens, and remove toxins out of the body, we have developed 

A holistic healing program which composes of natural supplements and dietary/life advice

We have developed a set of supplements from 10 different amazing plant parts. This group of supplements are intended to work on the body in its entirety, assisting the body heal itself from all forms of abnormalities and illnesses within the whole body systems, organs, tissues and cells.

We expertly drafted advice sheets containing invaluable guide on the best foods to eat and the bad ones to avoid. In these advice sheets we also advise clients to make some changes in their lifestyle. 

Once the given advice is responsibly followed, this program works perfectly and eliminates multiple symptoms, complaints and the root causes of diseases.

Considering the positive responses from a huge list of customers who have taken our supplements and advice, we feel proud that with the help and guidance of God, we can contribute to the development of human health and well-being.

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