Q) How come many diseases have similar symptoms and how come many friends, neighbors, colleagues and/or relatives have almost identical health complaints?

A) After 30 years of deep digging, investigative  research we have come to the conclusion that in fact what is believed to be different illnesses are mere symptoms and signs manifested by an underlying root cause. Different people may have different signs but these different signs have a shared common agent that is causing them.

Q) Why medications fail to work for almost all conditions even though in many cases the patients have been taking them for quite long time?

A) The key to successfully treating any human illness is the diagnosing doctor to fully understand the root cause of the condition he/she is treating. If this knowledge is absent, the medication will most certainly fail because they are NOT designed to deal with the true causative agent (s).

Q) What is most correct way to heal the body from illnesses or signs of disease?

A) The best and the only working approach is to try and heal the body holistically (in its entirety) from cell level.

Q) How does UHA help the patient for optimum health?

A) At UHA we use our knowledge in understanding the true agents that are causing the poor state of health; we also use our understanding of the body’s inter-linked functions and as such try to heal all the organs and systems at the same time with natural supplements that are both nutritious and healing.

Q) What are the types of remedies does UHA give patients to use for their conditions?

A) UHA has many different supplements in different sizes and durations and different types of vitamins and most important minerals but the holistic major supplements that we sell to try to heal the entire body is called Formala10?

Q) What is Formula10 made of? 

A)  Formula10 is made from10 different natural supplements formulated and packed in three different bottles and intended to assist the body heal holistically from within (cell level). Please note holistic means the entire body.

These supplements are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-pathogenic properties and anti-oxidants.

Q) What makes Formula10 different from other products?

A) i) Formual10 was produced by someone who is expert in human diseases and their true causative agents. Formaul10 is not one remedy but 10 different supplements that are intended to work on the whole body from cell level.

They are designed to cover the entire body so that multiple complaints can be dealt with simultaneously.

Formula10 is used for all health conditions including illnesses of the nervous system, Thyroids, Prostate, the problems of the skin, bones, heart, arteries, veins,  liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, lungs,  as well as hormonal imbalance, infertility, sexual dysfunctions, menstrual problems,  miscarriages, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Fibroids, high and low blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis as well as all types skin conditions including Vitiligo, Psoriasis,  Eczema, Acne etc

A) ii) Formual10 is the only set of natural supplements that have been designed to assist the body heal itself from the germs and toxins that have been accumulating over the years deep in the cells and tissues of the entire body.

Q)  Has Formual10 helped anybody with their health problems?

A) Formual10 is the most successful natural group of supplements that we know of, and there are 100s of patients who reported very positive results for many different complaints. For example we have in record patients who reported that after taking Formual10 their severe gastritis, hemorrhoids, vitiligo, psoriasis, Asthma, muscle aches, arthritis, Thyroids, diabetes, cholesterol, H Blood pressure and many other symptoms gradually healed and eventually disappeared.

Formaul10 has helped 100s of patients with many different complaints especially those who took the supplements and followed the accompanying advice greatly benefited from this holistic group of supplements.

Q)  Is Formual10, tablet, capsule, powder or syrup?

A) All the three bottles of Formual10 are in capsule forms

Q) How many times is Formula10 used? 

A) You take 1 capsule from each bottle in the morning and at night before meals.

Q) How long do they last?

A) Formual10 runs for three months (13 weeks)

Q) What about if I am already taking other medication? If I am taking other medications do I have to stop them or can I take them along with Formual10?

A) From closely observed register of patients we are 100% confident that the contra-indication of Formaul10 is extremely minimal for most of the prescribed drugs and patients can carry on taking their current prescribed drugs with Formula10, however, while some patients cannot afford to stop taking certain drugs straight away,  it is also obviously true that long term heavy doses of multiple chemical medications can only increase the toxicity of the body and therefore it is up to the patient to decide if they want to continue the chemical drugs or not.

Our advice towards those patients who want to stop some or all of their current chemical medications, we would strongly advise them to do so slowly and NOT in one time. We would also advise such patients to consult with their GB before they stop their on-going medications.

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