Advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine

Introduction to the Course

This course which is Unique in its Nature, and focuses in Western Natural Medicine covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a Professional Well-informed Herbal Practitioner. Moreover,this course is significantly different from the other courses offered by other institutions in the sense that it provides the learner with a rich and solid foundation in Micro-biology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Etiology and Diseases before it talks about any aspect of Natural remedies and supplements.

The reason we do this, is to enable the learner to acquire a deep, clear understanding and a proficient level of knowledge in the body’s anatomical and physiological workings as well as its biochemical processes, diseases and causes. Once this goal is achieved the learner embarks on a research module in which he/she conducts an independent but guided systematic investigation into a pre-determined topic of the Institute’s choice.Then the learner advances to the study of Natural Remedies, Supplements and Micro nutrients followed by the study of the best Healing approach and the art of formulation.                   

Each module of the course-structure is compiled, designed and delivered through distance learning by a qualified tutor who has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in his/her field.

The course focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to holistically heal the body from multiple signs and symptoms as well as the underlying root-cause of health complaints by using the best, the safe stand the most effective natural remedies.

Course Modules

1)      Introduction to Biochemistry

2)      Anatomy and Physiology

3)      Diseases, Signs and Symptoms

4)      Pathogens and their sources

5)      History of Herbal Medicine

6)      Materia-medica of the best 200 Herbs

7)      Research Project

8)      The UHA Approach of Assessing, Diagnosing and Healing diseases

9)      The Effective Food and Phyto Nutritional Medicine

10)  Treating Women Diseases,

11)  Treating children

12)  Formulation, Blending,Preparation  and Packaging of Herbal remedies, Natural Supplements and Micro-nutrients (Vitamins and minerals)

13)  Working as a knowledgeable and skilled  Herbalist

14)  Managing a Herbal centre, Manufacturing facility or Working as a Supplier.

15)   Ethical Code of Conduct and Professional Standard of Practice

Entry requirements:

There is no pre-requisite condition for this course; however, applicants are expected to have a good level of English skills for reading/understanding text books and Course materials, for researching and for responding to assignments.

Mode of study

This is a Distance Learning course that can be studied from anywhere in the world without attending classes or meeting face-to-face with tutors.

Duration of the Course

This is a flexible course which can be completed between 1-2 years, however, those with prior knowledge or with qualifications in related subjects and those who dedicate themselves to compete it early, can do so in just six months.

Please note! There are 15 comprehensive assignments that must be passed to gain this qualification (the Advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine).

Start of this course

The course starts 1st August 2016 and enrolment is intended to roll on throughout the year

Fee for this course

The full fee of this course is $1500.00 (One thousand five hundred and fifty USD).

Payments can be broken into three instalments

First payment of $500 is due at the time of enrolment.

Second instalment is paid at the end of November

Third instalment (final payment) is due 28th February..

Please note this depends on the progress of the candidate. For example; if you decide to really push it and complete the course early, then you will need to clear your account earlier.

Please note! The above mentioned fee is inclusive of registration and certification.


If you would like to apply for this course please send your interest by email so that our admission team can assess your application and your eligibility for the course.

Our admission team will reply to your email either advising that you can enroll for the course or otherwise.

If you enroll for the course, our admission team will send you a confirmation letter/email, your student number, a code number to access the course materials including written course book, recommended Text books, videos and schedule of webinars.There will also be live lectures in the Institute’s youtube account.

For further information and any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on

Or call us on 0044203 441 4420


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